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  • [In the Avengers Tower] "Mighty smiths laboured here, I warrant."
  • [In the Avengers Tower] "'tis no Asgard, but impressive none the less."
  • [Defeating boss] "This I grant to you: you may tell your grandchildren that you stood, for a time, against the mighty Thor!"
  • [Defeating boss] "You shall threaten Midgard no more!"
  • [Defeating boss] "The Norns have written your fate."
  • [Defeating boss] "And now you are...thunderstruck."
  • [Defeating boss] "You would have done well to surrender."
  • [Level up] "Odin, I thank thee."
  • [Low on health] "I am sorely wounded."
  • [Out of spirit] "I need but a moment."
  • [When summoned] "My hammer is ready."
  • [When summoned] "I stand ready."
  • [When summoned] "So be it, then."
  • [Inventory full] "Thor will not carry that."
  • [Inventory full] "I can carry no more of these treasures."
  • [Inventory full] "We have enough for now."


  • [Entering Subway] "Verily this is not a place favoured by the gods."

Character Specific

  • [To Black Panther Black Panther] "Greetings T'Challa, from a prince to a king."
  • [To Captain Marvel Captain Marvel] "Truly Carol, you remind me of the mighty Valkyries of Asgard."
  • [To Hawkeye Hawkeye] "May your arrows always find their targets, noble archer."
  • [To Luke Cage Luke Cage] "Friend Luke, what is the meeting of Sweet Christmas?"
  • [To Nova Nova (either)] "Well met, fellow traveler of the cosmos. How fare thee?"
  • [To Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch] "Beauty and power are yours to command, fair Wanda."
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "You are...difficult to dislike, Spider-Man."
  • [To Storm Storm] "You and I are kindred spirits, Storm."


  • "One more blow should fell you."
  • "Father, witness the deeds of your son."
  • "None can stand before Thor!
  • "None can stand against me!"
  • "Victory approaches!"
  • "And down you fall."
  • "Mjollnir shall not be denied!"
  • "Even Thor felt that!"
  • "Victory is nigh!"
  • "The son of Odin can defeat any army!"
  • "Well struck, Mjollnir!"
  • "Again!"
  • "Fall before Mjollnir!"
  • "Mjollnir takes no prisoners!"
  • "Is there NO ONE stronger?"
  • "Victory!"
  • "Get back!"
  • "Such is the power of Mjollnir!"
  • "For Midgard!"
  • "Thou art vanquished!"
  • "Tremble before my wrath!"
  • "No one defeats the Lion of Asgard!"

Property Damage

  • "Perhaps you should not have put that there."
  • "Be careful where you smite."
  • "I am certain that can be replaced."
  • "Mayhaps Tony Stark will recompense you."
  • "I hope no one needed that."
  • "I may not have meant to do that."
  • "Such is the power of unfettered thunder."
  • "Mjollnir strikes!"
  • "Hahahaha Did that item have value?"


  • "Thor's attention is needed elsewhere."
  • "Would you keep me waiting still longer?"

Beta Ray Bill

Character Specific

  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "I sense great responsibility in you Spider-Man"

Thor (Jane Foster)

Character Specific

  • [To Punisher Punisher] "What is the use of punishment, when you can give them divine intervention?"

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