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  • [Inventory full] "Hey! I only got so many hands!"
  • [Inventory full] "Uh, yeah... I ain't got enough pockets for that!"
  • [Level up] "Now even more lovable!"
  • [Level up] "Twice as strong, and handsome as ever!"
  • [Low health] "I'm starting to get WOOZY..."
  • [New skill] "And now I'm even more formidable."
  • [New skill] "Not too shabby."
  • [Out of spirit] "Ugh, sorry, I'm beat."
  • [When summoned] "Is it time to mess up faces already?"
  • [When summoned] "Well I see you picked the handsomest one."
  • [When summoned] "Heh heh heh heh heh just what I was waitin' for."
  • [Picking up item] "Hey, I'm gonna hold on to this one!"
  • [Picking up item] "Well well, must be my lucky day."


  • [Entering Warehouse] "This place smells worse than a Yancy Street locker room."

Character Specific

  • [To Human Torch Human Torch] "Grow up, flame brain!"
  • [To Human Torch Human Torch] "I know you're up to something Johnny!"
  • [To Captain America Captain America] "Just so we're clear, I don't have to salute you everytime I see ya? Do I?"
  • [To Luke Cage Luke Cage] "Hey Luke, you think you had it tough? I grew up on Yancy Street!"
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "Hey, webhead, how's it hanging?"
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "Point those somewhere else, shorty!"


  • "Rock beats everything!"
  • "Less talk, more clobberin'."
  • "Guess what time it is?"
  • "That's gonna smart in the morning!"
  • "You guys never learn, do ya?"
  • "To the moon!"
  • "Right in the kisser!"
  • "I could do this all day!"
  • "How 'bout dem apples?"
  • "That's gonna smart in the morning."

Property Damage

  • "Sometimes, you just gotta break stuff!"
  • "Smashin' stuff is my forte."
  • "It's not a bad guy, but it'll do."
  • "I love this line of work."
  • "WHOOOPS!"


  • "I ain't gettin' any prettier here!"
  • "Would ya check out that view!"
  • "You know, if I'd known you was gonna take this long, I would have brought a book!"

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