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  • [When Summoned] "I may not be a super hero, but I'll do my damnedest just the same."
  • [When Summoned] "Mantis, give me a sit-rep."
  • [When Summoned] "You need a guy like me on the team."
  • [Finding Item] "I never even knew I wanted one of these!"
  • [Showoff] "Do I look like the bragging type? Because I totally am."
  • [Wave] "Oh, hey."


  • [Entering the Raft] "The Raft is like a five-star resort compared to some of the other prisons I've been in."
  • [Entering Hell's Kitchen] "Places like Hell's Kitchen keep me from getting homesick for Earth."
  • [Entering Blood Rose Nightclub] "(sigh) Places like this make me miss living on Earth."
  • [Before Entering Mutant Town] "These Purifiers seem like bad news, the Guardians of the Galaxy will need a word with them."
  • [Before Entering Fort Stryker] "Even if A.I.M. gave these Purifiers their entire collection of tech, my element gun would still make short work of it."
  • [Entering A.I.M. Weapons Facility] "Tony sure loves his toys..."
  • [Entering Bronx Zoo] "Please tell me this Mr. Hyde guy is a joke."

Character Specific

  • [To Black Widow Black Widow] "You seem a little under equipped to deal with these problems, but I guess if they can't see you, they can't hit you."
  • [To Captain America Captain America] "I've seen a shield that like before. Do you know Major Victory?"
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "Keep your guard up, and your...uh, eye open?"
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "Ugh Scott, give it a rest...we're all super heroes here, man."
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "I don't take orders, Scott, I give 'em."
  • [To Gambit Gambit] "Use those cards in one of my bars, and the guys will rip off your arms."
  • [To Hawkeye Hawkeye] "Arrows, really? I have a pair of advanced space guns, and you have...arrows?"
  • [To Human Torch Human Torch] "Combustibles are so outdated, Torch. Tell me when you're the human warp-drive."
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "Sorry my dad kidnapped and tortured you, Stark. Water under the bridge?"
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "You're practically an honorary Guardian, Tony...I'd have your back anytime."
  • [To Loki Loki] "Cowardice and treachery are kinda my things, Loki."
  • [To Moon Knight Moon Knight] "You know what's on the moon? Inhumans. And you don't want to emulate them."
  • [[To Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel] "That's some messed up Kree garbage they got in you. Want me to talk to Ronan the Accuser for you?"
  • [To Nova Nova] "Hey Nova, you have to use your head as more than just a place for your helmet."
  • [To Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl] "I know this guy, Rocket, you'd like him."
  • [To Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl] "I swear, I've never seen anything so cute in all the universe."
  • [To Taskmaster Taskmaster] "You think you're a master of all weapons? You should meet my friend Gamora."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "If you have to get close enough to stab people, you've already lost."
  • [To Venom Venom] "I have my eye, and my gun, on you, Symbiote."

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