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  • [Summoned] - "I heard y'all was in a heap of trouble and I'm here to clean up the mess."
  • [Defeating Boss] - "Guess you more bark than bite."
  • [Defeating Boss] - "It just ain't right what you been doin'. I'm kain' sure it don't happen again." 
  • [Defeating Boss] - "That's the last time y'all be messin' with Rogue."
  • [Defeating Boss] - "Got some real power behind that one."
  • [Defeating Boss] - "I can't believe I thought you were a threat."
  • [Defeating Boss] - "Easy pesey. Is the world safe again?"
  • [Level Up] - "Now that's what I call a pick me up."
  • [Level Up] - "I ain't strong just 'cause I touched Carol Danvers."
  • [Level Up] - "I haven't felt this good since absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers."
  • [Level Up] - "Now that y'all see what I can do, anybody else wanna try me?'
  • [Level Up] - "What happenin' to me? Am I gettin' anymore stronger."
  • [Level Up] - "I'm gettin' better permanently."
  • [Learning new powers] - "I can't turn it off but maybe I can control it."
  • [Learning new powers] - "Hah. A new power. I didn't even need to touch nobody."
  • [Find item] - "I'll just keep it, baby."
  • [Find item] - "I've been lookin' a long time for this."
  • [Low Health] - "Gettin' kinda woozy."
  • [Out of Spirit] - "Gotta have more power first."
  • [Out of Spirit] - "Energy too low."
  • [Out of Spirit] - "Ahh. I don't know much more I can take."
  • [Out of Spirit] - "Just wouldn't have the same omph right now."
  • [Power not ready] - "I do a victory dance but I'm 'fraid I got two left feet."
  • [Upgraded] - "I'll be able to shut up a lot of fat heads with this."
  • [Upgraded] - "I'm not stealin' powers, I'm borrowin' for a while."
  • [Upgraded] - "I'm sick of the powers. I just want them to leave."
  • "Hang loose, shugar."
  • "Get away from me. I can't contain it."


  • [Encountering Black Cat] - "Lady, I don't know what you're at but you got no business down here."
  • [Defeating Green Goblin] - "Pretty bold breaking out of his hand, Gobby, but I'll count to three if you want."
  • [Defeating Mister Sinister] - Punchin' Mr. Sinister has got to be the highlight of my career."
  • [Encountering Malekith] - "I've been waitin' to see who's head huncher around here."

Character Specific

  • [To Black Widow Black Widow] - "You look worried, Widow. Thought this was supposed to be fun."
  • [To Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch] - "You're the biggest danger around here, Wanda. A walking, talking WMD."
  • [To X-23 X-23] - "Hurts for someone who looks like a demon."
  • [To Hulk Hulk] - "You're pretty much the ultimate yankee aggressor. I like it."
  • [To Captain America Captain America] - "Stick it old timer. I don't care if you're a Captain America. I do things my own way."


  • "Why don't you just take a seat?"
  • "Uhh. Less touchy."
  • "Sorry, cutie. Wouldn't play on in to you."
  • "Take that yow vermin."
  • "Sit down."
  • "Ain't you a fiesty one."
  • "I'm just full of surprises."
  • "Darlin', you ain't fit to be a bad guy."
  • "Bye-bye now."
  • "Goin' up."
  • "Boom, baby. That's how we do."
  • "I whoop you good."
  • "Professor wouldn't like to see me doing this."
  • "Yikes. Gotta think I should leave a note."
  • "Ahh. Shame you can't stay."
  • "Be a dear and show me where that will hurt 'em the most."
  • "And don't come back."
  • "Yes! Bullseye."
  • "I can't let you get away with this."
  • "Stay down if ya know what's good for ya."
  • "Sorry, sucka. I just got y'all's numbers."
  • "You will not be playing possom."
  • "Oddly fella, ain't ya."

Property Damage

  • "Back where I'm come from, this is about the most fun you can have."
  • "Now that was satisfyin'."
  • "I'll wreck anything that stands in my way."
  • "Ain't nothing' more fun then breaking something that ain't yours."
  • "Oops. Didn't mean to break it so much."


  • "Ain't nothin' to absorb here."
  • "Wah. I'm still gettin' used to this suspense."

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