The Prestige System is an in-game feature that has been added to the game allowing heroes to start again at level one (along with a name color change). Visit Clea to buy the Ancient Gourd of Prestige. It will allow a level 60 character to restart at level 1.

All of your items will be retained and unequipped. All quests may be repeated, but power rewards will not be given again.

You will retain all synergy bonuses.

Five colors of Iron Buddy pets are available from Clea - only for players of the appropriate prestige level.

Here are some info found in the official forum about the said feature but as of now these are not yet finalize and can still be changed in the near future.

- Once the endgame has a lot more content, we will allow players to restart their characters if they wish. Like Call of Duty, there will be a cosmetic indicator if you are doing one of 5 prestige levels.

- Your gear is totally unaffected, you just start over the game with a new name color.

- White (the new default) -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Orange -> Red will be the color of the prestige titles.

- Can prestige up to 5 times.

- We may have a cosmetic pet or free vendor or some other unique thing for people who do this, but we don't want it to give a big boost to combat stats.

- (Players will also keep your synergies, btw, you don't lose them).

- This is for a certain type of player who loves a specific hero or two and wants to replay the game with them, this will not appeal to everyone.

- You go to level 1 - you keep your gear but it's unequipped.

- If the devs do raise the level cap (and its still not certain if they will and haven't done any work towards that) people with prestige will still have it.

- Its still not sure if the players get the quest rewards again. (In regards to quest rewards like Retcons, Power Points, etc)

Patch 2.35 Updates

Now you can have Cosmic Prestige!

Be warned, it takes 25 times longer than normal prestige, so beware. It is really hard and only for the most dedicated, but they will be awarded with great dedication, patience and Cosmic Name!(Yellow)

Later will be added a Cosmic Iron Buddy pet too!


Cosmic Name!
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