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Missions are the main way to progress within the game. Some missions are randomly initiated by different means such as those in the Public Combat Zones. Upon completion of Missions the players would get rewards such as credits and/or items. Below are the different kinds of missions a player gets within the game.

Kinds of Missions

  • Storyline Missions - These are the main missions that players should accomplish to move forward with the main story line. Doing so will unlock new locations and other game-related features.
  • Encounter Missions - Are missions that will be activated when your are in close proximity to the npc that are related to that specific mission.
  • Daily Missions – Navigate an instance to defeat a super-villain boss. Daily missions can be completed solo or with a group. Difficulty for these missions will scale with the number of players in your group.
  • Group Challenges – The goal of group challenges is to navigate an instance and close three “Energy Rifts,” then defeat the super-villain boss occupying that instance. Each group challenge is designed for a group of five player; these challenges will be extremely difficult to solo.
  • Survival Challenges – The goal of a survival challenge is to overcome waves of enemies that culminate in a super-villain boss. Each wave lasts a set amount of time and, at the end of that time, all remaining enemies vanish. Shortly afterward, the next wave begins and more enemies will appear. The final wave is a boss which has no time limit. An example of this is the Midtown Patrol & X-Defense.
  • Legendary Quests - These quests have you travelling throughout the Marvel Universe in order to fulfill particular tasks for Odin, All-Father of Asgard. Provides the only way of earning Legendary Marks of Odin. These are used in crafting recipes in the “Legendary Blessings” section of the crafter.

Mission List

These are the mission rewards for doing the mission a second time, on a new hero:

Mission Reward
Bank Robbery
Trouble at the Raft
Finishing the Job
Claim your Reward 100 Eternity Splinters (first time only)
Mission Reward
Chapter 1:
Learn Crafting System Completed after reset
Avengers History Exp orbs
Cleaning up the Kitchen
Tablet of Life and Time Permanent +25 health bonus
The Intrepid Reporter
Symbiote Infestation
Secrets of the Maggia 30 exp
Mission Reward
Chapter 2:
Mysterious Old Video
Pursuing the Hood +1 power point
Experiment Q-36
Taskmaster's Lesson Rarity drop boost potion
Secrets of AIM 30 exp
Mission Reward
Chapter 3:
The Eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D. SHIELD artifact
The Lost Patrol Vendor summon
Snakes in the Grass permanent +5 spirit
Repel Brood Scouts Crafter summon
The Muramasa Blade Yukio artifact
The Tablet Chase exp
Secrets of Madripoor exp
Mission Reward
Chapter 4:
Poison on the Streets credits
Corruption in Blue Retcon Device
The Kingpin Falls +1 power point
Trouble at Xavier's
Mission Reward
Chapter 5:
Purification Crusade Permanent +50 health
The Meanest Streets
Secrets of Mutant Town 30 exp
History of Mutants
Mission Reward
Chapter 6:
Stryker Under Siege Permanent +5 spirit
Cleansing Wrath exp orbs
Data Loss
Dangerous Tech
Beyond the X-Men
Mission Reward
Chapter 7:
The Great Bug Hunt Maht's Arrowhead Artifact
A Sinister Plan Exp potion
Little Lost Jungle Lord Ka-zar artifact
Infestation Most Vile +1 power point
Mutate Genesis permanent +50 health
Prisoners of the Brood
Savage Land Secrets
A Visit with S.H.I.E.L.D.
Mission Reward

Chapter 8:

Starktech on the Loose EXP
Defeat the Intelligencia
Smash HYDRA! permanent +5 spirit
Hulkbuster Armory
A Doomed World
Poisoned Brew EXP
Doom's Lethal Legion
Secrets of Latveria 30 EXP
Lingering Threats
Unlock PvP Beta Test
Victory Lap
Claim Your Reward 100 Eternity Splinters (first time only)
Mission Reward

Chapter 9:

The Path to Asgard
A Frosty Reception +1 power point
Mysterious Readings
Battle for Asgard
City Under Siege
Asgardian Fortunes
Throne of Deceit
Claim Your Reward +5 Permanent Spirit Bonus