Equipment-Medal-Medal Medals are non tradable items that raises your hero's health, spirit or stats when equipped. These Medals can be obtained by defeating bosses within the game and they are not tradable to other players and they binds when equipped on specific heroes. Aside from Medals players can also obtain an improved version of these which are called Medallions.


Medallions are upgraded versions of the Medals. They also have a 100% drop chance with the associated villain but can only be dropped in mission terminal after the game has been completed.

They provide the same bonuses except stronger and add new bonuses in some cases.

All medallions grant "+1 to current rank of all powers".

The level requirement is increased to reflect the increase in power. Medallions acquired in Xavier School or S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier have even higher level requirement than previous medallions but are not stronger.

List of Medals