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  • [Defeating boss] "That was money well spent."
  • [Defeating boss] "Just how I planned it."
  • [Defeating boss] "Villain met, Iron Man applied, problem solved."
  • [Defeating boss] "Damn, I still had six more ideas for beating you."
  • [Finding item] "It's crude, but it might be useful."
  • [Finding item] "Hmm, I wonder how this works?"
  • [Inventory full] "Not worth picking up."
  • [Level up] "Is there any more up for me to go?"
  • [Level up] "The royalties on this one are gonna be sweet."
  • [Level up] "Let's see what the boys in R&D whipped up."
  • [Low health] (panting) "My armor's trash!"
  • [Out of spirit] "My batteries are dry."
  • [When summoned] "Smart move, calling on me."
  • [When summoned] "I'm armored up and ready to rock."
  • [When summoned] "What's the plan? We do have a plan, right?"
  • [When summoned] "OK, but I just got this armor polished."


  • [Defeating Venom] "Next time, stick to fighting heroes in your own league."
  • [Encountering Hood] "Hood versus helmet, I'll take that bet."
  • [Encountering Taskmaster] "Too bad you can't copy my smarts. But then, who can?"

Character Specific

  • [To Hulk Hulk] "Hey Bruce, call me. I know some excellent therapists."
  • [To Nova Nova] "Nova, what OS do you have running that suit anyway?"
  • [To Black Panther Black Panther] "You still holding on to those Vibranium rights, T'Challa?"
  • [To Loki Loki] "The prince of mischief is calling me? I don't suppose this an apology for throwing me out the window."
  • [To She-Hulk She-Hulk] "Hey, Jen. Dinner tonight?"
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "Spider-Man, can you be serious for two seconds?"
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "Beer isn't always the solution, Logan."

Battle Quotes

  • Now THAT'S what I'm talking about."
  • "Stark Industries finest."
  • "How bout that?"
  • "Impressive, huh?"
  • "That works."
  • "Wow, I can hear that in here."
  • "This job is gonna kill me!"
  • "Thanks for grouping up for me."
  • "Try to keep up."
  • "You want another?"
  • "My armor can take this all day."
  • "That's only the reserve power. You ain't seen nothing yet."
  • "Save time, give up."
  • "Sorry. Not happening."
  • "'Boom' is my favorite sound."
  • "Let me know when I win."
  • "Can't beat my targeting computers."
  • "Let's see Gates do that."

Property Damage

  • "I bet I get stuck with the bill for clean up."
  • "Send Pepper the bill."
  • "Shoddy workmanship."


  • "You know, I'm capable of multi-tasking."
  • "Mind if I take this call?"
  • "Hey, my stock just spiked! Again!"
  • "Time for a software update."
  • "Guess I'll just check my email."

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