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  • [Level up] "Who knew I could still get even better?"
  • [Out of spirit] "Flames... goin' out."
  • [Out of spirit] "Runnin' outta fuel."
  • [Out of spirit] "Yeah, I need a rest.
  • [When summoned] "Time to heat things up a little!"

Character specific

  • [To Ghost Rider Ghost Rider] "Sheesh, you're like a heavy metal version of me."
  • [To Thing Thing] "Looks like someone beat you with an ugly stick."
  • [To Thing Thing] "What's wrong Ben? Woke up on the wrong side of the quarry?"


  • "Another easy win."
  • "Another win for the Human Torch."
  • "Wake me up when things get tough!"
  • "Wow. Am I good or am I good?"

Property Damage

  • "Uhh, Oops?"
  • "No, really, that's where i was aiming."
  • "Sue just told me, to be more careful."
  • "That was not my fault."
  • "Was that a too much?."
  • "I´m not paying for that."
  • "I meant to do that."


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