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  • [Defeating boss] "I could have hit you harder."
  • [Defeating boss] "I thought you supposed to be tough!"
  • [Defeating boss] "That's what strongest one there is means! Dummy."
  • [Defeating boss] "There's more where that came from!"
  • [Defeating boss] "We done here?"
  • [Finding item] "Maybe I won't smash this."
  • [Inventory full] "You see pockets in this pants?"
  • [Inventory full] "I got enough junk already!"
  • [Inventory full] "Hulk's not carrying that!"
  • [Level up] "Ahh, getting stronger, I can feel it!"
  • [Level up] "Hulk wants another fight now!"
  • [Level up] "Power feels good. I want more!"
  • [Level up] "They shall all be afraid of Hulk!"
  • [Revived] "Now you got Hulk mad!"
  • [When summoned] "Everybody always need Hulk for something."
  • [When summoned] "Finally!"
  • [When summoned] "Hulk predicts... pain!"
  • [When summoned] "Now I'll show'em, I'll show'em all!"
  • [When summoned] "Something needs smashing?"
  • [When summoned] "This is gonna hurt! Them."
  • [When summoned] "Time to break stuff!"


  • [Defeating Juggernaut] "Unstoppable. Riight."
  • [Encountering Blob] "Well, you definitely the fattest one there is."
  • [Encountering Juggernaut] "Unstoppable? Let me show what this word mean!"
  • [Entering Blood Rose] "This place is too loud for Hulk!"
  • [Entering Church of Purification] "Hulk looking forward for this fight!"
  • [Entering Crag Island] "Too hot!"
  • [Entering Kingpin's Collection] "So that's the stupid magic rock?"
  • [Entering Landing Pad] "This better not be a trick to trap Hulk."
  • [Entering Poison Glade] "Hulk doesn't like snakes!"
  • [Entering Recon Post] "This better not be about stupid science!"
  • [Starting Eyes Of S.H.I.E.L.D.] "Hulk is getting tired chasing stupid magic rock."
  • [Starting Purification Crusade] "Hulk doesn't like men with guns."
  • [Starting Stryker Under Siege] "Hulk will help smash the big weapon."
  • [Starting The Kingpin Falls] "Now can Hulk smash the fat man?"

Character Specific

  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "You better not be eyeing me, kid!"
  • [To Daredevil Daredevil] "Hulk need litigator. Pointy head up for job?"
  • [To Hawkeye Hawkeye] "Hey, Hawkeye, does anybody actually think you're useful?"
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "Hey, Stark, shut you face or I'll do that for you."
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "I got to put up with you again, Stark?"
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "Stark, bet you wouldn't talk so big without your tin suit."
  • [To Luke Cage Luke Cage] "Don't even think about it, Cage."
  • [To Punisher Punisher] "You think guns make you tough?"
  • [ToRocket Raccoon Rocket Raccoon] "Raccoon use big words. Hulk like Groot better!"
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "Go crawl somewhere else, bug-boy!"
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "Kid, you better learn to keep your mouth shut!"
  • [To Thing Thing] "Don't make me kick that rocky butt again, Grimm!"
  • [To Thing Thing] "You think you can take me, Grimm?!"
  • [To Thor Thor] "God, shmod."
  • [To Thor Thor] "Hey, Thor, you think you're better than me?"
  • [To Thor Thor] "Yeah, I suppose a hammer might come in handy."


  • "'Bout time."
  • "Boring."
  • "Go awaay!"
  • "Hulk smash."
  • "Hulk smash!"
  • "Next time, pick on someone your own size!"
  • "Pick on someone your own size."
  • "Quit yapping!"
  • "Shut! Up!"
  • "Stopped you!"
  • "There, you're done."
  • "Who's next?"

Property Damage

  • "Hulk barely touched that!"
  • "Hulk doesn't care about your stuff!"


  • "I've got things to do!"
  • "*long groan*"

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