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 Green Goblin
Real Name: Norman Osborn
How to Obtain:
Team Insignia:
Costume Core:
Base Stats
Durability: ?   ?
Strength: ?   ?
Fighting Skills: ?   ?
Speed: ?   ?
Energy Projection: ?   ?
Intelligence: ?   ?
Norman Osborn was never a very sane man. Growing up under an abusive father and the loss of his wife was enough to push any man over the edge, but Norman Osborn had much further to fall still. While reverse-engineering an experimental serum Norman created a volatile concoction that exploded in his face and finally drove him to become the violent madman, The Green Goblin!

Always thirsting for power the Green Goblin has made a career out of being stopped by his least favorite Super Hero, the Amazing Spider-Man. Yet ever the sly one, Osborn has always eluded punishment for his crimes as the Green Goblin, even becoming leader of the Thunderbolts and eventually being promoted to Director of H.A.M.M.E.R., S.H.I.E.L.D.’s replacement. Norman Osborn has a long and cruel list of crimes to atone for, but maybe, just maybe, he can do some good while he’s trying to fool everyone.   More information...

More information...

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