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  • [Out of spirit] "I require additional power."
  • [Out of spirit] "Not until Doom finds a moment worthy of such glory!"
  • [Summoned as team-up, possibly just by Loki] "Doom is not a puppet to be used for the entertainment of men, gods, or tricksters!"
  • [Team-up] "Doom shall assist you because Doom wills it."
  • [Team-up] "Perhaps we are natural allies after all."
  • [When summoned] "All hail Doom, rightful heir to this planet!"
  • [When summoned] "This war has been decided. And Doom is the victor."
  • [When summoned] "Once again falls upon Doom to save the world."
  • [Defeating boss] "Doom is bored of this so-called challenge. It is no wonder he is master of the malevolent!"


Character Specific

  • [To Captain America Captain America] "Doom has no time for nostalgia with a pedant like Captain America."
  • [To Deadpool Deadpool] "I should wring Deadpool's neck for his insolence--but he would most likely derive pleasure from it."
  • [To Hulk Hulk] "Doom has humiliated the Hulk in single combat. His claims of strength are as worthless as the odorous mouth that speaks them."
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "My genius has true purpose. Stark's is wasted on self-aggrandizement and carnal desires."
  • [To Loki Loki] "Never forget, Loki--you are not the only one with talents that exceed the limits of the physical world."
  • [To Thor Thor] "Thor's hammer is more foolish than he is, for Doom is worthy of all."


  • "All will face the righteous punishment of Doom!"
  • "Bow down before me, for I am the master of the world!"
  • "Doom has no rivals! None!"
  • "Doom is power beyond cognition!"
  • "Doom possesses total mastery of the diabolical!"
  • [possibly only when fighting criminals] "From now own, all crime shall be organized by Doom."
  • "Hands off my royal personage!"
  • "Tremble at my name!"
  • "You have no hope."
  • "You presume to destroy me?"
  • "You will rue this day."

Property Damage

  • "Make room for Doom's new world order!"


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