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Death is a temporary status obtained in the game that affects the Players, Mobs and Bosses in the game. It haappens when the health of the Player, Mobs or Bosses depletes to 0.

Player Deaths

Player Deaths happens when the player loses its health to zero making them unable to continue playing. When a player dies they will appear to be kneeling on the ground with a Death symbol on top of their head and a countdown will appear that will last for 3 minutes, within the 3 minutes countdown, the player can ask or wait for other players to revive them or they can choose to respawn at a respawn point. If the player did nothing and the countdown hit 0 it will automatically respawn the player to a respawn point. Other players can revive dead players by clicking the said players and having them accept the said action.

Items to prevent Death

Skills to prevent Death

Mob Deaths

Mobs Deaths is the most common thing to see in the game, wherein mobs are killed by the players to obtain experience point, rejuvenating orbs, credits and loots. When mobs die you will see the said mob drop into the floor or fling from various direction depending on the effects of the powers used by the players, and after a few seconds the said mobs will disappear.

Boss Deaths

Boss Deaths is the most common goal to do when a player encountered a Boss in the game, it's the same as killing normal mobs but aside from obtaining Experience point, credits and various loots, Bosses also drops MedalsArtifacts and other Mission related items. Unlike the normal Mobs, when a Boss die it will immediately vanish on the screen only leaving various drops scattered on the floor.