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  • [Finding item] "I wonder what Forge could do with THIS."
  • [Finding item] "Just what the Professor ordered."
  • [Inventory full] "There's too much to carry!"
  • [Inventory full] "I don't have room for that."
  • [Learning new powers] "Always good to have another option."
  • [Level up] "Got to keep pushing myself!"
  • [Level up] "That Danger Room training pays off."
  • [Level up] "Time for a new challenge!"
  • [Revived] "I'll do better next time."
  • [Revived] "Oww, how long was I out?"
  • [When summoned] "Don't worry, I've done this before."
  • [When summoned] "Everyone calm down, I'm here to help!"
  • [When summoned] "I'm here, what seems to be a problem?"
  • [When summoned] "I won't let you down."
  • [When summoned] "This looks bad, buuut I can fix it."
  • [When summoned] "Well, looks like I got here just in time."


  • [Defeating boss] "I can beat you with my eyes closed!"
  • [Defeating boss] "I'm afraid I would have to give a fail in grade!"
  • [Defeating boss] "I should have done that faster!"
  • [Defeating boss] "They aalways pick a hard way."
  • [Defeating boss] "This fight is over."
  • [Defeating Juggernaut] "End of a road, Juggernaut!"
  • [Defeating Madame Hydra] "The good guys win again!"
  • [Encountering Juggernaut] "Unstoppable? I don't think so."
  • [Encountering Mister Sinister] "For the sake of all mutants I WILL stop you!"
  • [Encountering Sauron] "Hungry for energy, Sauron? Let's find out how you like THIS!"
  • [Ending "Purification Crusade"] "All right, Stryker, you started this, but now I'm ending it!"
  • [Ending "Smash HYDRA!"] "Doom played us since the beginning and we let him do it!"
  • [Entering A.I.M. Weapon Facility] "Looks like Stark could use a security upgrade."
  • [Entering Cleansing Wrath Lab] "No gawking, stick to the plan."
  • [Entering "Hunting Grounds"] "It's time to take this fight to the Purifiers front door!"
  • [Entering Madripoor Lowtown] "I can see why Logan such a fan of this place."
  • [Entering Mutate Marsh] "This is just the place I expect to find Mister Sinister lab."
  • [Entering Old Trainyard] "All right, Purifiers, your time in Mutant Town is over!"
  • [Starting "Infestation Most Vile"] "There's no time to waste, I've got to help those agents!"
  • [Starting "Purification Crusade"] "You know you can count on me, Professor."
  • [Starting "Smash HYDRA!"] "If I don't help I'll just be letting Logan have all the fun. Sign me up!"
  • [Starting "The Kingpin Falls"] "No more hiding behind lawyers, Kingpin!"

Character Specific

  • [To Cable Cable] "Courage doesn't have to come from a gun, Nathan."
  • [To Cable Cable] "I'm proud of you, son."
  • [To Cable Cable] "We make our own future, Nate."
  • [To Cable Cable] "You can change the future, Nate."
  • [To Colossus Colossus] "Hey, Colossus. How's your throwing arm?"
  • [To Emma Frost Emma Frost] "Emma, you don't need telepathy to know what I think about you."
  • [To Emma Frost Emma Frost] "Emma, you sure know how to complicate things."
  • [To Emma Frost Emma Frost] "Stay out of my head, Emma."
  • [To Hawkeye Hawkeye] "Hawkeye, join me for some target practice?"
  • [To Jean Grey Jean Grey] "Have you seen Logan? No? Good."
  • [To Jean Grey Jean Grey] "Jean, I may have to bail on our night-out, it is some kind of world-shaking emergency."
  • [To Jean Grey Jean Grey] (fondly) "Jean, you're a sight for sore eyes."
  • [To Jean Grey Jean Grey] "Jean, when the world's not blowing up, maybe we could get a minute together?"
  • [To Kitty Pryde Kitty Pryde] “Don’t worry, Kitty, you’ll do fine.”
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "Spider-Man, can I just say, I'm glad that you're not a mutant?"
  • [To Storm Storm] "Hey Storm. Nice to see someone else with a level head."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "Get a haircut, Logan."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "Logan, don't you have somewhere else to be? Like... Alaska?"
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "Hey, have you seen Jean? No? Good."


  • "All according to plan."
  • "Control is a delicate thing."
  • "Don't mess with an X-man."
  • "Err, where is the real fight?"
  • "I can do this all day!"
  • "I gotta clear the field!"
  • "Just like I planned it."
  • "Maybe you never heard of me?"
  • "No time to celebrate!"
  • "Practice make perfect!"
  • "Red light means STOP!"
  • "Step it up, people!"
  • "Superior planning wins again!"
  • "Target practice."
  • "The Danger Room's tougher than this!"
  • "You should review your tactics!"

Property Damage

  • "I'll just blame that on Logan."
  • (Innocently) "Collateral damage."
  • "It was in the way."
  • "Just the distraction!"


  • "Are we waiting on Logan again?"
  • "We have a plan, let's go."
  • "Why are we standing around, the mission's waiting!"

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