Currency refers to tokens or cash used to obtain various items and equipment when trading with vendors or the item mall. There are different kinds of in-game currency available in the game, some can be obtained from defeating opponents and completing quests, while others can be earned through conversion with real world money.


Credits are in-game money that can be obtained by killing mobs and bosses, opening chests from various dungeons or by selling items to the vendors. Credits can be used for crafting or for buying various equipment and healing items from the npcs or in the auction house.


The Gs is the currency being used for microtransactions for the game. When using Gs you will be able to access the item mall to buy Heroes, Costumes, Consumable Items and other stuffs available in the said item mall. Gs is obtained by spending real world money in the game's website through various ways that are available in the said website.

Eternity Splinters 

A Currency that will allow players to buy Heroes and up grade their Powers. Read more about it Here.

Cosmic Shards

Are items obtained after finishing various missions from one of the terminals located in all the safe zones. These Cosmic Shards can be used to buy items sold by Clea.

Legendary Marks of Odin

Also known as Odin Marks, are items obtained from doing Legendary Quests, these Marks can be used to craft Legendary Blessings and or purchase Legendary Items from Odin's Vault.

Crown of Valor

This is used to purchase various Signet Rings sold by Valkyrie that can be obtained from a pvp match.


This currency is obtained from PVP for defeating enemy players and giants, which can be traded for offensive and defensive PvP buffs, as well as various utilities.

Spirit of Ymir & Spirits of Ivaldi

These currency are used to purchase Siege Cases Spirit of Ymir can be found in Norway, and Spirits of Ivaldi can be found in Lower Asgard.