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NPCs or Non-Player Characters are characters within the game whose primary purpose is to provide services, missions, and assistance. NPCs tend to have a non aggressive behavior towards the heroes within the game.

Kinds of NPCs

  • Mission Giver/ Mission related

These are NPCs who gives you mission within the game. They are mainly interacted due to certain mission's objective. They are identified by having a symbol on top of their heads, a yellow exclamation mark for the Mission Giver NPCs and a yellow question mark for the Mission related NPCs.

  • Vendors

These are NPCs who provides items to sell such as Consumable Items and Equipments with the use of credits. Players can also sell unwanted items to them to gain credits. They are identified by having a green dollar sign, Thor's helmet, a gun or two crossed swords on top of their heads, depending on the type of item they sell.

  • Crafter

These are NPCs located in the Safe Zones who are focused on crafting various items provided that the players have the specific materials needed. They are identified by having a gold atom symbol on top of their heads.

These are NPCs who can be summoned with the use of certain skills that some heroes possess. Onced summon they some of them have various ways to contribute in combat such as additional damage dealer or support.

  • Healer

These are NPCs who heals the players when they are interacted. They can be seen on various locations such as the Safe Zones or within the Public Combat Zones. They are identified by having a red heart symbol on top of their heads.

  • Background

These NPCs serves as decorative goal to provide lines or simulate crowdedness, players usually can't interact with them.

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