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Ben Urich
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Urich is a chain-smoking, tough-as-nails investigative journalist for the New York newspaper The Daily Bugle. Urich deduced the secret identity of Daredevil and has used him as a source of information and vice versa. To a lesser extent, he has a similar relationship with Spider-Man, whose alter ego Peter Parker is a photographer for the Bugle.

Later, Urich was also responsible for outing Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin in a book titled Legacy of Evil, although after Osborn's presumed death. When Norman returned from the dead (or rather, Europe) he was able to discredit Urich and the book, going through great effort to clear his name.

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  • Act 01: The Intrepid Reporter
    • In Avengers Tower, information about The Hand "
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Act 1: Unknown

Act 2: Unknown

Act 3: Unknown

Act 4: Poison on the streets


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  • In the video game, Ben Urich is voiced by Tim Blaney.