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Real Name: Aldrif Odinsdottir
How to Obtain: 400 Eternity Splinter / 900 G / Starter Hero
Team Insignia: Guardians of the Galaxy S.H.I.E.L.D.
Costume Core:
Base Stats
Durability: DurabilityIcon.pngDurabilityIcon.pngDurabilityIcon.pngDurabilityIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.png   4
Strength: StrengthIcon.pngStrengthIcon.pngStrengthIcon.pngStrengthIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.png   4
Fighting Skills: SkillsIcon.pngSkillsIcon.pngSkillsIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.png   3
Speed: SpeedIcon.pngSpeedIcon.pngSpeedIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.png   3
Classic Costume Energy Projection: EnergyIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.png   1
Intelligence: IntelligenceIcon.pngIntelligenceIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.pngEmptyBoxIcon.png   2
When the Angels of the Tenth Realm—Heven—waged war on Asgard, Odin’s daughter and heir to Asgard’s throne was kidnapped by the Queen of Angels. But Odin would not be extorted by the Angels, and his daughter, Aldrif, was seemingly slain. Odin retaliated by severing Heven from Yggdrasil and closed it off from the other Nine Realms. While sealed away, Aldrif was discovered to have survived and was then raised— hidden from her true heritage— as Angela, Huntress of Heven.

As all secrets eventually come to light, Angela uncovered the truth of her upbringing. Now, shunned from Heven and branded a traitor to Asgard, Angela roams across the realms to find her place within it—continuing her hunt wherever it takes her.   More information...

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